The benefits of a pool table hire service in 2020

If you are looking into using our Pool Table Hire service then this article may be of interest. Diamond Leisure are here to provide you a great pool table rental service for your work place.

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7 reasons to use our pool table hire service for your office (In 2019)

Are you considering using our Pool Table Hire service for your office? Diamond Leisure can help! Whether an office has a pool table says a lot about its culture. Cool, hip offices have pool tables. Drab, dull offices don’t.

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Benefits of a Fruit Machine Rental Service

There are few sights more iconic than a colourful fruit machine waiting for your punters to come give it their best shot. At Diamond Leisure, we can help you make that image a reality with some of the best fruit machine rental services available. Besides being a welcome addition to any pub, bar, or club, there are real benefits to renting one of our top-end machines.

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Increase Profits with Fruit Machine Hire service

Diamond Leisure’s fruit machine hire service can truly help you boost the profits of your establishment. What is it that keeps your punters at your place and not at one of your competitors? Service, friendliness, and the range of libations certainly play a role. However, you can’t ignore the entertainment factor, either.

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