Benefits of a Fruit Machine Rental Service

There are few sights more iconic than a colourful fruit machine waiting for your punters to come give it their best shot. At Diamond Leisure, we can help you make that image a reality with some of the best fruit machine rental services available. Besides being a welcome addition to any pub, bar, or club, there are real benefits to renting one of our top-end machines.

Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of a fruit machine rental service for a pub. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your profits, to your crowds, and to the feel of the place in general.

Offer the latest entertainment and keep customers where they are

Diamond Leisure is an industry leading fruit machine supplier constantly filling our inventory with the latest games. We get new Digital AWP machines on a regular basis, delivered straight to you. These machines can be updated over the net, ensuring you are always offering the freshest entertainment.

As such, rather than getting bored and wondering home, your punters are more likely to stick around and get wrapped up in a game. As long as they’re staying, your pub is making more from serving drinks and snacks.

Get some real proven profit generators in your pub

Besides the revenue you’re making by keeping your customers entertained, we can’t ignore the cash box takings, either. We work only with fruit machine manufacturers who have proven their profit-generating potential.

Add an additional revenue stream to your business that has been shown to work. If you’re willing to make that investment, you can get a return on it with no issue. Then all you have to do it sit back, watch your punters have fun, and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Granted, to get the best machines that are most likely to keep players hooked, you need to make a bigger investment. Our fruit machine manufacturers invest their own money into designing the perfect, high-value gaming experiences. That’s what keeps the coins coming..

They can help you attract even more punters

Fruit machines can even help you attract more punters to play in the first place. We’ve all seen would-be customers take the first-look test. What makes sure that they don’t pop their head in, look around, and simply turn back around?

While fruit machines won’t immediately make a pub popular, they do contribute to a better vibe. The visual appeal, the allure of the prize money, and the background noise all create a more inviting atmosphere.

They’re excellent for social scenes

Your fruit machines will attract some solo players who are going to get all caught up in the thrill of the gamble. However, they’re also great for entertaining groups of punters. They will line up to compete, seeing who can win the jackpot and egging one another on.

Even better, what’s going to happen when one of them does win? They’re going to get a round in, meaning you make even more in return.

The benefits of fruit machine rental over purchase

So, with all the above named benefits of having a fruit machine in your pub, why wouldn’t you just buy it? The first reason is that you can install a fruit machine at your venue at no immediate cost. We don’t charge a rental fee up front, but work on a profit-sharing arrangement instead.

Other benefits include the following:

  • We’re fully licensed, insured, and reputable: We follow all ongoing regulations by Gambling Commission, meaning we’re perfectly equipped to supply, maintain and repair all kinds of gaming equipment throughout the country.
  • Easier to update your games over time: Since you didn’t buy it, it’s not a waste of an investment to switch up your inventory when you need to.
  • Not VAT or MGD on B3a lottery machines: We can help you maximise your earnings and minimize your taxes by helping you choose B3a lottery machines.

Get in touch with your fruit machine supplier

Simply put, a fruit machine hire contract can boost your earnings, keep customers entertained for longer, and improve the whole vibe of your establishment. This means not only cash box earnings, but increased revenue through drinks, food, and the like. As a business decision, fruit machine rental is a no-brainer.

Diamond Leisure is the top fruit machine supplier in the Northwest of England. If you want to start reaping the benefits without any initial costs, get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to show you our wares and help you make the most profitable choices.