7 reasons to use our pool table hire service for your office (In 2019)

Are you considering using our Pool Table Hire service for your office? Diamond Leisure can help! Whether an office has a pool table says a lot about its culture. Cool, hip offices have pool tables. Drab, dull offices don’t.

Most corporate executives want their offices to have a great atmosphere. The problem is that many don’t know how to create one. It’s not always clear what makes a pleasant office environment, and what doesn’t. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why you might want a pool table for your office. Take a look at the following:


1 Attract Millennials

Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce. There are more millennials working today than at any point in history. What’s more, they outnumber baby-boomers by a large margin. Employers, therefore, need to be sensitive to their needs. One way that they can do that is with a pool table. Millennials love pool tables. They use them as a way to relax. Offices that don’t have pool tables in their communal areas feel like they’re missing something. Pool tables lease, therefore, can be a powerful way to retain millennial talent in your organisation. Young workers will love that you cater to their preferences.


2 Improve Focus

Did you know that taking a break with a game of pool can help with focus? Well, now, you do! It turns out that focusing on the rules of the game could help improve productivity at your firm. Pool is a creative game. You often have to solve visual problems and do so quickly. Workers, therefore, can benefit from regular games of pool over their lunch break or after work.


3 Show You Trust Your People

Some managers worry that pool table hire will somehow make their workers lazy. The evidence, however, says that this is not the truth. Workers like it when you trust them. The way the psychology of this works is complicated. Put very simply; it shows your workers that you believe in their capacity to behave. You show that you’re prepared to offer them fun, even in a place of work. And it reveals that you trust them to carry on doing their jobs correctly. Diamond Leisure offers pool table hire services, letting you rent pool tables instead of buying them outright.


4 Encourage Friendly Competition

Offices can sometimes become dull places, especially if people are slogging their guts out day after day. Thus managers and execs need ways to brighten the mood. A great way to do this is with competition. And lord knows, pool is an excellent way of fostering that healthy competitive spirit. Pool can be a competitive game. In a sense, it is a bit like poker, but much more relaxed. In a game of pool, you’re trying to beat the other players, but you also bond with them. Hence, pool table rent can help bring your team closer together. Pool is a naturally relaxed game. It’s fun to pot the odd ball here and there. And the large size of the pockets means that you don’t need to be an expert with the cue. Practically anyone in your office can play.


5 Raise Morale

Going to an office every day to do the same routine work is a challenge for some people. Pool, therefore, is a way for you to inject a bit of interest in your office and enhance motivation. Many managers find that pool tables boost morale. Workers love getting riled up after a win and feeling pumped. There’s nothing quite like potting ball after ball and decimating your opponent. What’s more, the losing party often wants a rematch. It all makes for an engaging office atmosphere.


6 Put Them Anywhere

Pool tables are much smaller than snooker tables. Because of this, you can put them practically anywhere. You could, for instance, try installing them in parts of your office with particularly low morale. Perhaps one of the departments in your company keeps missing its targets. Renting a pool table for their office could be just the way to lift their spirits. Plus, because of their small size, you can put pool tables out of sight of your clients. Alternatively, if you don’t entertain clients in your offices, you can put your pool tables in full view. That way, you show off your company culture when you welcome potential employees to your offices.


7 No Need To Buy Outright

You don’t need to buy a pool table outright. Instead, you can hire one from Diamond Leisure. This way, you can avoid any significant capital outlays and still improve the morale of your team.