The benefits of a pool table hire service in 2020

If you are looking into using our Pool Table Hire service then this article may be of interest. Diamond Leisure are here to provide you a great pool table rental service for your work place.

Having a pool table helps to re enforce a culture in your work environment. One that is not dull and boring but cool, hip and on trend! A Uber cool atmosphere is what most directors would want in an office place to make their workers enjoy coming to work. This can help with productivity and also the social dynamics between staff. Having a clear understanding and process of how to create one is the challenge. This is not something always clear and obvious.

Some benefits to using our Pool Table Rent service

  1. Pull in a younger generation
    The upcoming generation of today are what will power tomorrow. Research has shown more youth are in work now then at any other time in the past. The upcoming generation out number baby boomers by a fair some amount. This generation want an office to bring the best out in them and where they can relax.
  2. Focus is going to be better
    Staff can only work for so long before a break is needed. A pool table can help with that as well as a strong cuppa black coffee! Help your staff to reset and retune their brain engines and bring out the most in them!
  3. It shows a level of trust
    The fear is that put a pool table in your office and boom everyone wants to have fun. And spend 40 hours a week playing pool! That is not the truth and not founded and just a paranoia that some feel if they install a pool table. Evidence shows that works love it when you trust them and it shows that you believe in them and their ability to behave.
  4. No need to invest upfront money
    You do not have to worry about putting cash to one side to buy a brand new pool table. With our service it is a no money down deal where you simply allow us to place it in your place of work. In turn the machine collects payment per game played and is then shared between you and ourselves. We handle the maintenance and looking after the machine. The pool tables are also able to take payment via contactless smart card payments, for more on that read about our contactless pool tables.

Enquire in our Pool Table Lease service today you will not be disappointed