Manchester, UK, is a Lovers’ Paradise

When it comes to romantic affairs, Manchester has endless offerings. From attractions to amazing areas to lodges, you will not run short of awesome things to do. Here are the romantic destinations you should explore. Learn information about Manchester, UK.

New Islington Marina

This is a relaxing spot in the city center, and it is the perfect destination for a romantic affair. There are swans, ducks, pretty canal boats, and waterside seating. You and your partner can sit there and enjoy the beautiful views while creating unforgettable memories. There is also the popular Pollen Bakery at the location, where you can pass by and buy cakes and other sweet treats. Discover facts about Manchester, UK, is a Dining Paradise.

By the Canal in Castlefield

This is another waterside spot in the city center. Castlefield, especially during the snowing months, provides a lovely backdrop for your daily romantic stroll. The location features still waters, views of Beetham Tower, and quiet spots with benches where you can sit with your partner. You and your partner can also go for a photo shoot at Castlefield, as the streets are cobbled, and there are moored canal boats. 

There are also restaurants you can visit once you’re done with your romantic stroll. The menu offers something for every taste without blowing the budget, which is a plus.