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Fruit Machines, a venues best customer! Across the UK fruit machines generate businesses in the region of £200 million every year. Diamond Leisure can supply and maintain all types of fruit machines in your venue on an industry leading hire, rent or free profit share agreement.

Supplying to Level Preston

The UK's first 24 hour Multi Activity Venue featuring our Arcade Machines, Fruit Machines, Pool Tables, Boxing Machines and more.

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Suppliers of Fruit Machines, Pool Tables, Juke Boxes, Quiz Machines, Boxing Machines and Arcade Equipment to Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Bars & Bowling Alleys.


Latest Pool Tables

All pool tables are supplied brand new from Supreme. The leading manufacturer in the UK. Our Prince & Winner Tables are available in 6ft 7ft and 8ft versions and available in endless cloth colour options.

Retro and Digital Jukeboxes

The latest generation of smart, modern Digital Jukeboxes and the finest Retro and Classic Jukeboxes.

Latest Boxing Machines

The latest Punch Machines from Kalkomat including High Score and Prize Payout Machines.

Latest Quiz Machines

The proven top earning Quiz Machines from EntNet with an unrivalled choice of content from a Cat C AWP/SWP.

Latest Arcade Machines

We supply our range of Arcade Equipment to Bowling Alleys, Amusement Arcades, Holiday Camps, Hotels, Trampoline Parks, Caravan Sites, Children’s Play Centres and Cinemas.

Fruit Machine Hire commercial service by Diamond Leisure. We operate a Fruit Machine hire, repair and supplier service. We supply the latest amusement and gaming equipment including fruit machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, quiz machines, boxing machines and arcade equipment to pubs, clubs, bars, members clubs, snooker halls, hotels, bowling alleys, caravan parks and cinemas. Diamond Leisure fruit machines hire Blackpool based service for all commercial premises. We do not supply domestic home market or short term hire service.

Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines Hire Supplier service Blackpool.
We offer a
range of the latest
fruit machines for hire
including digital
AWP and Club


The latest
tables from
the Winner and
Prince range,
to your specification


The UK’s leading
Digital & Retro
Juke Boxes
from Touch
Tunes & Sound


The Proven top
earning Quiz
Machines from
EntNet, Unrivalled
choice of content
from a Cat C


Kalkomot boxing
machines lead the
way in quality and
reliability, some
models now offer
awesome prizes
to attract players


We supply to
Bowling Alleys,
Holiday Parks,
Arcades and

Diamond Leisure are currently
supplying fruit machine hire service to venues in 

Lytham St.Annes, Blackpool, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Ormskirk
Southport, Liverpool, St.Helens, Leigh, Wigan, Chorley, Leyland
Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Accrington, Burnley, Colne,
Manchester, Lancaster, Lake District and more


Fruit Machines Hire Latest News

Level Preston

Diamond Leisure operate as an independent leading supplier of Fruit Machines and based in Blackpool with a large selection of Fruit Machines For Sale. We have an array of fruit machines for sale including Digital Fruit Machines that have multi game systems and shopping basket style modern user experiences. Diamond Leisure are regulated and have a gambling commission licence in place for the operation of all our pub pool tables, slot machines. Based in Blackpool and operated by a small team who are experts in club fruit machines, ex pub fruit machine, jackpot machines, pub pool tables and amusement equipment

We work with leading fruit machines manufacturers including Bell Fruit Machines with all games rights reserved. We provide Fruit Machine for Sale for brand new and used equipment with video games style machines, covering stock you see in venues such as club fruit machines, ex pub fruit machine, pub pool tables, amusement arcade, pool table and jackpot machines. Fruit machines sales features like match view and gallery view machines and sub type all available. Our fruit machines for sale are regularly updated with classified ads in an easy to read buying format on our eBay inc store with a wide price range and many delivery options. You do not require a gambling commission licence to purchase fruit machines and our fruit machines for sale are suitable for home use. Digital Pub Fruit Machine UK devices supplied by Diamond Leisure are also suitable for home use. Contact our team today to find out the latest fruit machine prices complete with base warranty.

Fruit Machines For Sale, Bell Fruit Machines, Red Gaming, West Country, Digital Pub, Fruit Machine UK Video Games and all other manufactures are not affiliated directly with Diamond Leisure (leading fruit machine seller) and all rights reserved. Fruit Machines For Sale – Pool Table Hire – Arcade Machine Hire – All Available For Commercial and Home Use

fruit machine hire

Fruit machines, whether digital or reel-based, offer a range of businesses a great way to boost their cash takings. At Diamond Leisure, we offer the best fruit machine hire | fruit machine rent service in the industry. We provide clubs, pubs and bar with a vast selection of machines that can boost profitability.

Benefits Of Fruit Machine Hire | Fruit Machine Rent From Diamond Leisure

The benefits of using one of our fruit machines are substantial. Take a look at how your establishment could benefit from using Diamond Leisure as its fruit machine supplier.

Thrill Customers With Regularly Updated Games On Digital AWP

Digital fruit machines keep players interested and entertained with regularly updated games, direct from the manufacturer.

At Diamond Leisure, we offer a range of Digital AWP machines. Our machines provide you with a way of delivering extra value to patrons. All our Digital AWP machines have easy to understand menus and the ability to be updated over the internet.

Fruit Machine Hire | Fruit Machine Rent With Impressive Profit Generating Ability

At Diamond Leisure, we ONLY work with fruit machine suppliers with a reputation for boosting profit and company revenue streams.

Our fruit machines hire service has a proven track record of delivering exceptional cash box takings. They combine sensory and visual appeal. Your customers will love using the fruit machines we supply, helping you create a new and reliable revenue stream.

It’s important to note that the best machines aren’t the cheapest. High-quality machines embody substantial research and development costs.

Manufactures must spend money to discover what it is that patrons want from the fruit machine experience. But because of this, high-value fruit machines almost always deliver the fattest profits. If you’re going to use fruit machines in your establishment, do it right.

Note Recycling Systems Prevents Fruit Machines Running Out Of Coins

A Fruit Machine should never go out of service from having no coins after a big pay-out. A note recycling system helps prevent this from happening by paying out with notes vs paying them out with coins. That is why Diamond Leisure offers a range of fruit machines all complete with note recycling systems as standard. Meaning the machine keeps a high level of float and ideal for all venues.

Don’t Pay A Penny Up Front with our Fruit Machine Hire service

At Diamond Leisure, we install our fruit machines at your venue at no cost. There is no rental fee to pay with our fruit machine hire service. With our profit-sharing arrangement, everyone can benefit. Collections are arranged at the venues convenience.

Fully Licensed, Insured And Reputable Supplier

Diamond Leisure is a fully licensed operator, regulated by the Gambling Commission. Allowing the supply, maintain and repair of all types of gaming equipment throughout the UK.

Keep Cash Box Figures High

As a business, you want your fruit machines to provide exceptional cash box takings. Without this, hiring fruit machines isn’t worth it.

Our priority is to make sure that you make money from all fruit machines you get through us. That’s why we offer a range of fruit machines, all with unique strengths and benefits.

Reel based machines dominated the market for years. Today the demand is shifting for a similar experience at the digital touch screen fruit machine.

Your customers will never get bored with a digital AWP. Digital machines can increase your cash box takings and provide a unique gambling experience for new and experienced players alike.

Compete With Local Bookies

We offer a £500 jackpot B3a lottery from our gaming machine range. You can compete with high street bookmakers for the attention of the high staking betting customers.

Don’t Pay VAT Or MGD On B3a Lottery Machines

You don’t have to pay any value added tax or machine games duty (MGD) on takings from B3a lottery machines. This boosts your profits and providing an exceptional return.

Who Can Benefit From Fruit Machine Hire | Fruit Machine Rent ?

All kinds of businesses can benefit from fruit machine hire with Diamond Leisure.

  •      Cinemas
  •      Caravan parks
  •      Bowling alleys
  •      Hotels
  •      Snooker clubs
  •      Members’ clubs
  •      Pubs
  •      Nightclubs
  •      Bars
  •      Motorway service stations
  •      Social clubs
  •      Shisha lounges

Fruit machine hire can increase your profits by boosting your takings and increase customer dwell time. Customers may choose to stay longer in your establishment if you offer a great fruit machine experience. This encourages them to spend more on drinks, food and your other product lines making our fruit machine rent service a good option.

Do you operate a business in the Northwest of England? Would you like to find out more about the impressive benefits of choosing us as your fruit machine supplier? Then get in touch with us today to find out more about our fruit machine hire | fruit machine rent service.

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We do not offer private use fruit machine hire services for peoples homes or short term hire. This service is for commercial hire in a commercial venue on a hire, rent or profit share relationship