Sports have always found a way of joining people together. Great rivals and friends meet to support their favorite teams. Being in a sporting city is an experience like no other. One of the greatest sporting cities in the world is Manchester, UK. There is usually no shortage of sporting excitement, with the city being home to major sporting teams and a host to many games. Learn more here.

Manchester Derby

What color is Manchester? About every three months, the people of Manchester have an enthralling match to temporarily settle the debate. The two great football clubs of Manchester United and Manchester City battle often, and Manchester, UK, is where you are more than likely to catch the action. The game is famous for having several ups and downs, keeping fans on an emotional rollercoaster. The Manchester derby is a reason to love the city. Learn more about Things that Make Manchester, UK Special.


Old Trafford Museum

The Old Trafford Museum tour could be the best 80 minutes of your life. Old Trafford, alias the Theatre of Dreams, is a fantastic stadium and home to Manchester United. The club is the most decorated team in England, and the museum shows you their journey. Go to the museum and for a stadium tour.