Manchester, UK is a Shoppers City

Manchester is a city that truly nurtures its homegrown talent. The town achieves this by offering different shopping centers where you can find anything you’re looking for. Consider shopping in the following places. Information can be found here.

Manchester Arndale

 The Manchester Arndale is one of the largest shopping centers in the UK, with over 200 stores in total. The shopping center boasts a total floor space of around 1.4 million square feet. The shopping center was first opened in 1975 and has since experienced extensive development and evolution. You and your entire family can find fun at this shopping center with options for kids and adults. 

There is a food court with proper eateries so you can take a break during your shopping trip to eat. See here for information about Manchester, UK, is a Lovers’ Paradise.

Trafford Center

Trafford Center is situated a few miles to the west of Manchester’s city center. The center has one of the biggest food courts in all of Europe. There are also over 30 restaurants, each offering unique menus for you and your family. There are also over 200 shops. 

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, luxury items, accessories, jewelry, or clothes, you are guaranteed to find them at Trafford Center. The center also features displays of beautiful sculptures and art installations.